Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Eplanation-why our school is special

GOAL:capital letters
I loved writing

what I found hard was the plan
Why Paroa School is the best

Today I'm going to Explain Why Paroa School is the best.

Main reason
We've got two playground there is a little kids playground  it makes it so the little kids don't get hurt and big kids playground it's huge I like the slide there is also a log and a bridge and it even looks like a castle it's fun we've got one pool we do swimming sports one field and I play soccer on its huge.

Another reason is we've got a school song/ video it's when Mr Sinton wight walks around taking a video of us singing the song and I'm in it.

Last reason we've got 8 classrooms spread along the school I'm in ruma rima it’s great the maximum age is 14 when you go to high school.

That is why it's the best.THE END