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Eplanation-why our school is special

GOAL:capital letters
I loved writing

what I found hard was the plan
Why Paroa School is the best

Today I'm going to Explain Why Paroa School is the best.

Main reason
We've got two playground there is a little kids playground  it makes it so the little kids don't get hurt and big kids playground it's huge I like the slide there is also a log and a bridge and it even looks like a castle it's fun we've got one pool we do swimming sports one field and I play soccer on its huge.

Another reason is we've got a school song/ video it's when Mr Sinton wight walks around taking a video of us singing the song and I'm in it.

Last reason we've got 8 classrooms spread along the school I'm in ruma rima it’s great the maximum age is 14 when you go to high school.

That is why it's the best.THE END

Thursday, 22 September 2016

my camp recount

GOAL I am learning to use consistent tense in my writing (walk, walked, walking) with help
On Tuesday at 7:30 we got ready and went to Ross to go toilet then went to lake Okarito then did the walk and took a couple of pictures. We got to fox to do the walk we learned about grait Schist and chloral Schist. We got to the park I played Pokemon cards I won then we had tea. After tea we did a disco it was fun we played limbo.  Then we went to sleep. In the morning we went to the kiwi center and looked at Rowi kiwi. Finally we went to the hot pools I went in the 40c one it was calm.      THE END

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10 ways to say to say said


Friday, 26 August 2016

Olympic Moment in time


WALT: Describe a moment in time in detail.

I line up bang as the race started.

stomp as I run across the track.

I’m so excited.

I hear runners sprinting across the track.

I hear my heart beating in the middle of the race.

I wonder If I could get a quick picture.

I get to the finish.

I'm so so happy.

I grab the gold and cheer.

The end.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

positive blog comment

W.A.L.T : help tell people how to do a positive blog comment
I enjoyed making it doing 

to make it btb I could  spread out the talking

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